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Racers Promoting Races

​- You have 30 minutes as a protest period for your results. Per the American Motorcyclist Association, if there is a clerical error, we can fix it and change the results at a later period.

- Practicing with the wrong group can lead to disqualification.
- 50cc classes are all stock.
- D CLASS IS FOR BEGINNERS ONLY. We have the right to place riders according to their ability and their speed. We advance riders out of the D class throughout the year due to the following:

- Vet Novice is for novice and    beginners only.
- DNF = Finish position will be the total number of entries in class, with a minimum of 20.
- DNS = Finish position will be the total number of entries in class plus 30 points.

- 85cc 9-11 years old = 79-85cc 2 stroke /85-150cc 4 stroke bikes - No Big Wheels

- 85cc 9-13 years old = 79cc - 85cc/85-150cc 4 stroke bikes - No Big Wheels

- 85 D Beginner = 85cc-112cc 2 stroke/ 85-150cc 4 stroke bikes - Big Wheels are Allowed
- Collegeboy = 14-24 years Amateur/Pro - Full Sized Bikes Only, 122 cc through Open

- 51cc Multi-Speed Shaft Drive Stock is Limited to the following models: Honda CRF50, Yamaha TTR50, Yamaha PW50, and Suzuki JR50

SAFETY FIRST! Safety is our number one concern at all of our tracks!

​- For questions or concerns, please see event referee.

Safety is the main objective! Always be aware of your surroundings and your abilities!

Cathey's Creek MX, Iron City Motorsports Park, and Travelers Rest MX Supplemental Rules:

​​​- Safety is our first priority!



-Yellow Flag means CAUTION, there is a problem ahead on the track. 

- Red Flag means there is a RIDER INJURED. It means caution, idle speed through area, no jumping, or passing. You must keep your wheels on the ground, at risk of being disqualified.

- Riders must maintain a speed of 5 mph in pit areas and on the grounds or risk disqualification.

- Riders must be signed up before entering the track.
- Medical insurance is not provided.
- Only authorized personnel are to be inside the track fence. Mechanics must stay in designated area.

- Each rider is responsible for the actions of his/her family and pit crew.

- Pit vehicles are not allowed.

- Classes may be combined and staggered started, based on turnout.

- No refunds will be issued after practice is over. 

- If you cut the track in practice, you'll end up last gate pick in your class. 

​- Fighting will not be tolerated. Riders who are involved in a fight will be disqualified for the event.

- Riders can ride in 4 classes.
- If you run off track during race, re-enter at next safest point without gaining an advantage.

- Helmet, Boots, Long sleeve shirt,  Long pants, and goggles required.

- All ATV's must have tethered kill    switch