Big Oak Entertainment, LLC

Presents the 2019

Carolina Dreams Anesthesia

Iron City Motorsports Park, located in upstate South Carolina, includes a 1.4 mile track consisting of a loam, clay, and sawdust base. The track has a traditional outdoor feel to it, featuring tabletops, step-ups, off-cambers, and plenty of elevation changes.

Cathey's Creek MX is located in the foothills of North Carolina. Countless loads of sawdust are continuously mixed with the red clay base. The track has plenty of elevation change, and features a wide variety of jumps, rhythm sections, whoops, and off-cambers.

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Travelers Rest Motocross is a brand new motocross track, located just outside the Travelers Rest Speedway. The track is a red clay base, with countless truckloads of sand and mulch integrated, providing some of the best riding situations available. The track is a good mixture of an outdoor layout with some technical aspects, including doubles, triples, table tops, rollers, and off cambers.